Faculty & Staff and Chair of Committees

Faculty                                        Portfolio

Dr. (Mrs) A.O. Oluwunmi        -    Ag HoD & Chair, Departmental Board

Prof. M.O. Ajibola                   -   Chair, Quality Assurance & Acad. Standands

Dr. C.A. Ayedun                      -    Coordinator, SIWES

Dr. C.O. Iroham                      -    Chair, Research & Seminar Committee         & Coordinator, PG Board

Dr. O.C. Oloke                         -  Chair, Webmaster

Dr. A.O. Oluwatobi                 -   Chair, Examination & Time-table & Librarian

Dr. A.O. Akinjare                    -    Student Adviser (EMSA)

Mr. A.S. Oni                           -    Chair, Welfare Committee

Mrs N.J. Peter                        -   Chaplain


Administrative Officer

Mrs. Serah Ogunniyi             -   Administrative Officer/Secretary