HOD's Welcome Note

HOD's Welcome Address


You are heartily welcome to the Department of Estate Management. A Department dedicated to teaching, learning, research and professionalism. As a professional course, the Department prepares her student beyond the academic exercise in classrooom to equiping them in facing greater practical challenges bodering on real estate issues at the larger society. Indisputably, every thing existing hinges on land that explains the very core essence of the course as no venture, business or enterprise can exist outside land. Land has gone beyond the physical hard crust of the earth surface to include all natural appurtenances permanently attached to it. This is why modern days real estate parctitioners are also concerned with the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere amongst others. Apart from the natural permanent appurtenance affixed to the physical hard crust of the earth surface, any manmade attachment permanently affixed to it comes under the purview of real estate. Again all other items that can be owned moveable and unmovable have its discuss under the discipline. Little wonder the relevance of the course, Estate Management, in every sphere of life. These ranges from the public sector as seen in the ministries, parastatals and other DMA’s to the private sector such as in the financial institutions like the banks, insurance companies and privately owned estate surveying and valuation firms and even in the oil and gas sector to mention a few. The academedia is not also left out where cutting edge researches are undertaken as that lies the future of the profession. Hence, the import of this discipline cannot be over emphasized.


From the foregoing it has become apt to state that students opting to have a career in estate management are actually in a good place. This is because the employment rate of graduates in this discipline are quite high considering the fact that they are needed virtually every where. More so, graduates from the Department have done the Department proud. This has been evidenced by good reports gotten from the industry of graduates from the discipline spread across the globe. Also, the course gives her graduates good pedestral to vacillate for higher degrees in the field of construction, management, finance, economics, legal administration of land amongst others. These laudable exposure/achievements which this discipline offers her students has placed the course as one the highly lucrative profession not only within the shores of the nation but around the world. Infact, when individuals who control the econmy are mentioned they are either practitioners in real esate or those that transact dealings with it.  It is based on this premise that I welcome all intending stakeholders particularly those that want to build up a ceareer in this enviable profeesion. On behalf of the faculty, staff, students of the Department I say welcome on board and let us all together sustain the future of this profession which is hinged on trust and dedication.




Dr. Olufunke Adedamola Oluwunmi

Ag. Head, Department of Estate Management