HOD's Welcome Note

You are heartily welcome to the Department of Estate Management. A Department dedicated to teaching, learning, research and professionalism. As a professional course, the Department prepares her student beyond the academic exercise in classrooom to equiping them in facing greater practical challenges bodering on real estate issues at the larger society. Indisputably, every thing existing hinges on land that explains the very core essence of the course as no venture, business or enterprise can exist outside land. Land has gone beyond the physical hard crust of the earth surface to include all natural appurtenances permanently attached to it...

Meet Our Students

In 2016, students of the Department of Estate Management led by Dr. (Mrs). Oluwunmi A.O., Dr. Oloke O.C. and Mrs Oluwatobi A.O. visited the Lagos Atlantic City which was under construction in Lagos State. Both staff and students gained academic experience and collaboration.

Highlights in the Department

The Department of Estate Management offers a 5-year Programme leading to the award of the B.Sc. Degree in Estate Management. The Department was established to provide training in knowledge acquisition and skill development in the Arts and Science of Estate Management.
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